Brands As Publishers and Content Creators: Viral, Authentic and Revenue-Generating Brands are publishers, too. What is the magic success formula for balancing messaging with authenticity? How are brands making content more accessible, exciting and viral? How do brands and traditional publishers collaborate to attract bigger audiences, and make more money?

Moderator: Rich Greenfield, BTIG, Managing Director, Media & Tech Analyst
Todd Sawicki, Zemanta, CEO
Jason Krebs, Maker Studios, Head of Sales
Jeffrey Madoff, Madoff Productions, CEO
Tobias Peggs, Aviary, CEO

Digital photography and video technologies are revolutionizing how humans communicate and do business. New innovations are emerging every month and the digital imaging market is poised for exponential growth. As a result, companies are struggling to leverage the right solutions to help them adapt and thrive in the new world. On June 4, 2014 over 300 industry experts gathered for a sold out interactive one-day summit to discuss trends and technologies in digital imaging and video technology. The LDV Vision Summit brings together top imaging technologists, visionaries and investors with the purpose of exploring, understanding and shaping the future of imaging and video in human communication. We discussed how video and imaging technology is changing the way we communicate – and how it will continue to do so in the next five to ten years.
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