Computer Vision Challenge Finalist Presentations. Finalists will give four-minute presentations and answer two minutes of questions from the judges. Winner receives $5K Amazon AWS credits. Winner = Grokstyle from CMU.

- Serge Belongie, Prof., Cornell Tech, Computer Vision
- Howard Morgan, First Round, Partner & Co-Founder
- Gaile Gordon, Enlighted, Sr. Director, Technology
- Jan Erik Solem, Mapillary, CEO
- Larry Zitnick, Facebook, AI Research, Research Lead
- Ramesh Jain, U. California, Irvine, Prof., Co-Founder Krumbs
- Evan Nisselson - LDV Capital, Partner
- Barin Nahvi Rovzar, Hearst, Exec. Dir., R&D & Strategy
- Nikhil Rasiwasia, Principal Scientist, Snapdeal
- Beth Ferreira, WME Venture Partners, Managing Partner
- Stacey Svetlichnaya, Flickr, Software Engineer, Vision & Machine Learning
- Adriana Kovashka, U. of Pittsburgh, Assist. Professor Dept. Computer Science
- Kristin Dana, Rutgers University, Professor
- Alex Iskold, Managing Director, Techstars

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