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Aitoe Labs - 2017 Entrepreneurial Computer Vision Challenge Finalist Presentations

ENTREPRENEUR COMPUTER VISION COMPETITION [ECVC] Finalist Presentation of Aitoe Labs presented by Anurag Sahoo, CTO and Mick Das, CPO.

Finalists give four-minute presentations and answer two minutes of questions from the judges.

- Aaron Hertzmann, Adobe, Principal Scientist
- Tali Dekel, Google, Research Scientist
- Vance Bjorn, CertifID, CEO & Co-Founder
- Rudina Seseri, Glasswing Ventures, Founder & Managing Partner
- Andrew Zhai, Pinterest, Software Engineer
- James Philbin, Zoox, Senior Director, Computer Vision
- Josh Kopelman, First Round Capital, Managing Partner
- Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman Facebook, Research Scientist, U. Washington, Assist. Professor
- Clement Farabet, Nvidia, VP AI Infrastructure
- Adrien Treuille, Carnegie Mellon University, Assistant Professor
- Serge Belongie, Cornell Tech, Professor
- Manohar Paluri, Facebook, Manager, Computer Vision Group
- Jan Erik Solem, Mapillary, CEO & Co-founder
- Yale Song, Yahoo, Senior Research Scientist
- Rohit Makharia, GM Ventures, Sr. Investment Manager

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