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GalaxyAI - 2017 Startup Competition

STARTUP COMPETITION Finalist Presentations

Competitors give four minute presentations and answer three minutes of questions from the judges.

- Judy Robinett, JRobinett Enterprises, Founder, Author "How to Be a Power Connector"
- Tracy Chadwell, 1843 Capital, Founding Partner
- Vic Singh, General Partner, ENIAC Ventures
- Zack Schildhorn, Lux Capital, Partner
- Jenny Fielding, Techstars, Managing Director
- Emily Becher, Samsung, Managing Director
- Clayton Bryan, 500 Shades, 500 Startups Fund, Venture Partner. Dorm Room Fund, Partner
- Jessica Peltz-Zatulove, KBS Ventures, Partner
- Eric Jensen, Aura Frames, CTO
- Claudia Iannazzo, AlphaPrime, Managing Partner
- Scott English, Hearst Ventures, Managing Director

LDV Vision Summit 2017