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Vance Bjorn - Will Apple, Google, Facebook or a New Startup Manage Your Identity and Power Authentication Via Biometrics?

Biometrics pioneer Vance Bjorn co-founded Digital Persona in 1996 and sold to CrossMatch in 2014. He studied at MIT and California Institute of Technology [BS, MS, Eng & App Sci (BS), CNS (MS)]. Many aspects of biometrics have been commoditized over the years but why haven’t these technologies infiltrated all of our lives to replace keys, passports and drivers licenses yet? Biometrics can analyze your eyes, face, hand, behavior, voice and one day your thoughts. Aspects of these technologies are focused on identity and authentication. Vance shares his wisdom about the past, present and future technical challenges and opportunities in biometrics.

- Vance Bjorn, CertifID, CEO & Co-founder

LDV Vision Summit 2017