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Andrew Zhai - How Is Pinterest Leveraging Computer Vision

How Is Pinterest Leveraging Computer Vision on 100 Billion Ideas to Improve Visual Discovery for 175+ Million People?

Pinterest leverages computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning to empower visual discovery (search and recommendation) across it’s community. Pinterest is a central point for visual exploration where hundreds of millions of users organize images into boards based on topic. In 2016, Pinterest built Flashlight to enable users to select an object within an image for a visual search query. Recently, they launched a new feature called Lens, a mobile camera based visual discovery product, to connect real world images to the Pinterest ecosystem of 100+ billion ideas. Andrew sheds light on how these unique systems are creating brand new experiences in visual exploration for Pinterest users.

- Andrew Zhai, Pinterest, Software Engineer, Tech Lead Visual Search/Lens

LDV Vision Summit 2017