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Mia Tramz - Pioneering VR and AR for Media Companies

Mia Tramz is the Managing Editor of LIFE VR, Time Inc’s company wide virtual reality initiative. Since joining TIME as an Associate Photo Editor in 2013, Mia has embraced immersive digital storytelling in many forms, culminating with her involvement shaping the editorial voice of Time Inc.’s new VR brand, developing and producing VR content across the media company’s 30+ titles. LIFE VR launched as a multi-platform virtual reality brand in September 2016. She shares the challenges and opportunities in producing VR and AR content across multiple brands, why quality trumps quantity, and how they approach distribution and audience growth. She will also enlighten on where she sees VR, AR and MR evolving in the next 3-5 years.

- Mia Tramz, Time Inc. Managing Editor, LIFE VR

LDV Vision Summit 2017