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Mikael Cho - An Image Featured on Unsplash is Seen More Than an image on Any Other Photography Platform

When Mikael and his co-founders started their creative marketplace Crew they never imagined they’d one day spin it off and sell it in favor of focusing on their exponentially growing content marketing project Unsplash. They crossed millions of members and are delivering 1.57B photos viewed per month. Today, over 4 photos are downloaded per second on Unsplash and 68% of their traffic is direct. Image networks are good at creating attention. Stock media companies are good at optimizing supply and relationships with high end demand. Unsplash combines the best of both. Mikael shares how the turbulent beginnings of a startup gave birth to Unsplash and share insights into what the unique future holds for a $19 Tumblr blog which has turned into the fastest-growing photography platform since Instagram.

- Mikael Cho, Unsplash, CEO & Co-Founder

LDV Vision Summit 2017