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Panel - Delivering AR Beyond Dancing Hotdogs

Panel: Delivering Augmented Reality Beyond Dancing Hotdogs
The digital and physical world will converge in order to deliver the future of augmented reality. The technology stack needed to deliver augmented and mixed reality will need several new layers of different technologies to work well together. From spatial computing with hyper-precision accuracy in multiple dimensions to filtering contextually relevant data to be displayed to the user based on location, activity, or time of day. What are the technical challenges and opportunities in delivering the AR Cloud.

Moderator: Joshua Brustein, Bloomberg Businessweek, Correspondent
- Serge Belongie, Cornell Tech Professor, Computer Vision
- Ryan Measel, Fantasmo, CTO
- Mandy Mandelstein, Luxloop, Creative Director of Technology & Co-Founder
- Jeff McConathy,, VP of Engineering

LDV Vision Summit 2018