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Matt Uyttendaele - Enabling Persistent AR Experiences on Mobile Devices

Keynote: Enabling Persistent Augmented Reality Experiences on Mobile Devices
Persistent Augmented Reality experiences are connected to, and persist, relative to places or things in the real world. Enabling these AR experiences across the spectrum of mobile devices is one of Krishnan’s missions at Facebook. There are tremendous challenges in delivering high-fidelity AR experiences to the widest array of mobile devices that understand the geometry of a scene, are able to overlay and animate 3D objects, and enable users to explore. He will share how they are solving this and giving creators the ability to author these experiences on their platform. He will showcase specific examples from movie partnerships and also highlight future challenges and opportunities for mobile augmented reality to succeed.

- Matt Uyttendaele, Facebook, Director, Core AI, Facebook Camera

LDV Vision Summit 2018