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Lourdes Agapito - Capturing Vivid 3D Models of the World from Video

As humans we take the ability to perceive the 3D world around us for granted. From an early age we can grasp an object by adapting our fingers to its 3D shape; or understand our mother’s feelings by interpreting her facial expressions. These tasks require some internal 3D representation of shape, deformations and motion. Building algorithms that can emulate this level of human 3D perception has proved to be an extremely hard task. In this talk, Lourdes focuses on the acquisition of 3D models of deformable surfaces, such as human faces or bodies, using as input video sequences taken with a single consumer camera. There is now great short-term potential for commercial uptake of this technology. She shares how her research can empower business and society showing some applications to robotics and to AI-driven video synthesis.

Women Leading Visual Tech: Lourdes Agapito On Synthetic Media and Its Way To Transform The Film Industry, Online Shopping, and More -

LDV Vision Summit 2019