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Michal Lipson - Nanophotonics Impact on Our Society

Michal Lipson is the Eugene Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University and a member of the National Academy of Science. Her research focus is on nanophotonics and she pioneered critical building blocks in the field of Silicon Photonics, which today is recognized as one of the most promising directions for solving the major bottlenecks in microelectronics. She was awarded the MacArthur Fellowship and named by Thomson Reuters as a top 1% most highly cited researcher in the field of Physics. She shares how nanophotonics will impact society over the coming decades. She highlights how it enables to drastically miniaturize as well as to lower the cost and energy of hardware for applications ranging from augmented reality projection systems, to high power computing for Artificial Intelligence.

Women Leading Visual Tech: Michal Lipson on Silicon Photonics and Its Ability to Enable AI in Our Life -

LDV Vision Summit 2019